3D modelling and visualisation:

Visualisation is another possibility of the use of photogrammetric images and plotting. Following planimetric and diagrammatical digital data it is possible to create a real looking 3D scene which may be further used for the presentation of the actual condition and intended changes in the area.




The result may then be 3D views of a scene, transits over the terrain on selected paths and an interactive VRML scene.

In the case of processing materials for formation of territorial plans, studies, projects of line building …, we create (from orthogonalised images and vertical terrain models) 3D models of the land shape (mostly in SW ATLAS and MicroStation) over which transits are further generated, newly proposed elements are inserted (buildings, trees, bushes, … ), and the future shape of the landscape is modelled (sinking and causeways of designed roads, bridges, … ).

When generating transits over terrain it is of course possible to select the height above the terrain, path, flight speed and viewing direction.


Move along terrain                           Move above terrain

The modelled surface may contain the actual condition of the landscape, arbitrary specific maps (ownership, tourist …), proposed elements of the project and descriptions.

The designed grading with presented ownership map

An image of a designed road in the actual landscape

Visualisations are suitable especially for making proposed projects accessible to the wide “non-specialist” public, for clarification of proposed changes when dealing with owners of concerned plots… They may be used in many areas which in some way concern changes of land form and landscape character.

Design of road

Industrial zone

Process of build-up

Landscape planning

Surface winning

3D modelling

Automatic aerotriangulation

Orthophoto maps

Specific mapping

Surveying of facades



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